At Page Academy of Dance, we offer classes tailored for all ages and skill levels. Whether your child is just learning to dance or have been dancing for years, there is a class for everyone! 

Baby Ballet

This class is perfect for your little one, not quite ready for pre-ballet but eager to dance! The class involves parents, props & fun music!

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Pre-Ballet and TAP

This class is a fun introductory to basic ballet. This class stirs the young dancers imagination while learning ballet steps, stretches, and structure. We end the class with learning the beat of the music with Tap shoes.

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Ballet Level 1

Ballet Level 1 is a basic introduction to ballet technique. In this class students start learning basics to prepare for the barre. They also learn ballet stretches, turns, jumps and leaps across the floor.

Ballet Level 2

Ballet Level 2 is a ballet technique class that starts at the barre. Students learn new ballet steps and exercises. In this class we start introducing performance quality and confidence. This class also keeps up with stretches.