Tuition & Policies


Class                          Yearly Total             Paid in full Discount             Monthly Payments                         

Advanced Ballet              $3360                                 $3024                                 $280.00

Ballet Level 5                     $3360                                $3024                                  $280.00           

Ballet Level 4                     $2640                                $2376                                  $220.00

Ballet Level 3                     $2640                                $2376                                  $220.00

Ballet Level 2                     $1920                                $1728                                   $160.00

Ballet Level 1                      $960                                  $864                                      $80.00

Pre-Ballet/Tap                    $960                                 $864                                      $80.00

Baby Ballet                          $840                                  $756                                      $70.00

Pointe (by approval)        $960                                  $864                                     $80.00


  • Registration Fee-$25 Payment to Page Academy Of Dance
  • All Tuition Payments will be made to Compete Services *our studio tuition collection service. (Except for Adult classes which are drop in only)  Tuition Form to be filled out in the studio
  • Adult Ballet classes are $20.00 (pay by class only Cash or Check) No registration fee.
  • Tuition is due according to when you join after the free trail class. Payments will be automatically made every month through Compete Services Inc. You may cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice to Compete Service Inc. & Page Academy.
  • Some months have 5 weeks and monthly payments are only for 4 weeks. Thus allowing time for breaks (2 weeks during the Holiday season, 1 week in Spring and 1 week in Summer)
  • 10% discount is offered for families with siblings enrolled in classes.
  • All tuition payments are non-refundable.
  • Students are required to attend ALL their scheduled level classes. PAD will only credit a class if the class has been canceled. We do not have any Make-Up classes unless they are in Baby Ballet, Pre-Ballet, or Level 1. Where they are able to attend an alternate class time within 30 days of the absence.
  • Page Academy of Dance is at no time responsible for unattended children before or after class.
  • Students may be dropped off/picked up before and after classes. Parents are welcome to watch class.